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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services
233 Carew Street, Springfield, MA 01104
413-748-9669 (outpatient)
413-748-7060 (inpatient)

One of Weldon’s Rehabilitation Hospital’s most comprehensive programs, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services include pre- and post-surgical evaluation and treatment, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient pulmonary evaluations and treatment, and in-home pulmonary nursing. Weldon is the rehabilitation provider for the Medicare lung reduction study (NETT) throughout Western Massachusetts.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team strives to help each person with chronic lung disease achieve the highest physical, emotional and vocational function their lung disease will permit. Emphasis is placed on increasing the participant’s knowledge of lung disease, ability to manage their condition, physical endurance, exercise, self-confidence and independence. As a result, patients will experience reductions in shortness of breath, hospitalization, fear, anxiety and depression.

A patient’s full team may consist of physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapists, along with an exercise trainer, pulmonary nurse, dietitian, social worker, psychologist and vocational counselor.

Each patient’s needs are assessed and a specific care plan is designed to meet each individual’s needs. The treatment provided is designed to support the care given by the participant’s physician, not to replace it. You will need a physician’s written referral to participate. Progress reports are sent to the referring physician throughout the program.

The best support often comes from those who share your condition. Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to co-sponsor monthly pulmonary support groups with the Lung Association of Western Massachusetts. Check out the calendar section for information on upcoming support groups.

How to Get Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Inpatient Program
Referrals may be made directly to Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital. An admissions coordinator will review your medical record and notify your referring physician of your acceptance. Call 413-748-7060.

Outpatient Program
After speaking with your physician, arrange a personal appointment with a Weldon coordinator. Call 413-748-9669.

Here’s what you need for admission:

  • Physician’s written referral
  • Medical stability
  • Current medical information, including: medical history; pulmonary function test; arterial blood gases; chest x-ray; CBC and electrolytes; theophylline level (when indicated)

Breathe easier. Ask your physician to refer you to Mercy Medical Center for expert pulmonary care or call 413-748-9000.

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