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WorkWise® Occupational Health Center
233 Carew Street, Springfield, MA 01104

If you have any questions regarding WorkWise® Occupational Health, please feel free to contact us directly by e-mail at or by telephone at 413-748-6869.

Safeguard your employees and your business.

The good health and productivity of your employees are your most important business assets. We can help you safeguard them. WorkWise® Occupational Health Center helps businesses minimize workplace accidents and their potential consequences – costly repercussions like lost workdays and income, recruitment and training of replacement workers and higher insurance premiums.

As a comprehensive occupational health program, WorkWise can benefit you even before employees are hired. Pre-employment physicals can ensure those you hire are well-qualified for the demands of the job. If an employee is injured, our therapists devise an individual rehabilitation program focused on fast recovery and return to work.

Financial Benefits

WorkWise contributes to a company’s fiscal health through:

  • Controlling costs of health insurance, life insurance and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Reducing out-of-pocket workers’ compensation costs
  • Returning injured workers to their former productivity
  • Minimizing lost workdays and replacement workers’ recruitment costs

Your Business Will Receive Individualized Service

Our close attention to detail results in accurate assessment and treatment. You will receive timely status reports tracking the recovery progress and reliable projections for an employee’s return to work. Finally, there are well-coordinated programs of follow-up care and accident prevention.

Pre-employment Physical Exams

We can help you make sure your job applicants have all the physical and health-related qualifications you need. It’s smart and you’ll both benefit.

Through the Occupational Health Services of WorkWise, a medical team thoroughly assesses an applicant’s overall abilities. This includes a medical history, physical examination and general health and fitness evaluation performed by a physician or nurse practitioner. This diagnostic approach identifies health-related issues that may affect a person’s job performance. The resulting report provides the documentation you need to make an informed decision.

Employment Testing

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Department of Transportation physicals
  • Respiratory and surveillance physical examinations
  • OSHA-required audiology, blood toxicology and pulmonary screening
  • Immunizations
  • Drug and breath alcohol testing

Department of Transportation Examinations

WorkWise provides the physical examination and vision acuity tests that are federally required for employees who drive work-related vehicles. Each person who passes the exam receives a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical card.

Good Care for Injured Employees

Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital provides effective evaluation and treatment for injured employees. The first emphasis is a timely return to work – then we concentrate on reducing the potential for repeated injuries. Our doctors, therapists and counselors form an interdisciplinary team to apply acute care services and rehab therapies coupled with work-site education and prevention efforts.

WorkWise Case Management

Case management services begin with the referral of an employee for acute care and continue until the case is completed. We also provide weekly progress reports, recommendations and referrals, with your approval, to ease the employee’s return to work.

Return-to-Work Exams

Once a rehab program is completed, a WorkWise physician will conduct a thorough examination. This will establish if an employee can safely return to the job or if further intervention is necessary (such as job modifications or work-site education).

WorkWise Acute Care Therapies

Ultrasound, whirlpool, paraffin bath, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator), splinting, manual therapy and individualized exercise programs are available for employee treatment.

Work-Site Assessments

When it comes to checking potential problems in the workplace, nothing can replace the value of an on-site inspection by a WorkWise specialist. This is a sensible precaution that allows the treatment team to tailor a return-to-work plan to the precise needs of an injured employee.

It’s wise to call for more information about WorkWise® Occupational Health at 413-748-6869.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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