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Mercy's Hospitalist Program (MIMS)
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Simon Ahtaridis, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Mercy Internal Medicine Service (MIMS)

A Hospitalist service providing high-quality, around-the-clock inpatient medical care

Mercy's hospitalist program, called the Mercy Internal Medicine Service (MIMS), guarantees that patients who are admitted will be given round-the-clock care by a board-certified specialist in internal medicine. MIMS physicians will also care for any patient in need of urgent or emergency attention.

The MIMS provides hospital care for patients who are referred by their primary care physician or for those patients who have no primary physician. MIMS also provides emergency coverage of non-MIMS patients while the primary physician is en route to the hospital.

Be Cared For By The Physicians That Invented Hospital Medicine!
The Mercy Internal Medicine Service (MIMS) is a group practice composed of internal medicine specialists, known as hospitalists, devoted completely to providing hospital care. Each physician is Board-Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, has specialized training and experience in hospital care and is committed to the highest possible standards. MIMS is a service offered by Mercy Medical Center in partnership with community physicians to provide high-quality hospital care to our patients.

MIMS Hospitalists partner with more than one hundred primary care physicians in the area to provide round-the-clock care to their patients who are admitted to Mercy Medical Center. After hours, MIMS provides coverage to patients in all Mercy Medical Center Units.

When Will I See My Primary Care Physician?
Primary care doctors all over the country are entrusting the care of their patients to a Hospitalist when their patients are sick enough that they can no longer be cared for in an outpatient setting. You will see a Hospitalist while you are at Mercy, and you will see your regular doctor soon after you are discharged from the hospital.

Hospitalists provide many benefits to you and your doctor: In case of emergency, your Hospitalist is never very far. Hospitalists work in the hospital, and can see you more than once a day, if needed. Your Hospitalist knows every specialist and department in the hospital. Hospitalists assist you through a smooth and speedy recovery by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment regimen throughout the day based on those test results. A MIMS physician will communicate with your PCP at the time of your admission, whenever necessary during your stay, and again when you leave the hospital.

A Closer Look at the Mercy Internal Medicine Service (MIMS)

How MIMS Works
Since the MIMS physicians limit their practice to hospital care, they offer the highest degree of skill available during your time in the hospital. Since they work in the hospital, they are here to answer your questions and speak to your family at a time that is convenient for you, whenever possible.

MIMS physicians work in shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MIMS tries to maintain continuity between doctors and patients whenever possible, but you may see more than one physician during your hospitalization. The details of your stay and medical history are shared among the physicians each day during morning conferences and through your medical chart. This gives you the benefit of multiple opinions about your health through this collaborative method of care.

Experience and Expertise on Your Side
The Mercy Internal Medicine Service (MIMS) was founded in 1993, and is one of the first Hospitalist programs in the country. In fact, MIMS is the first Hospitalist group to have physicians staffing the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All MIMS physicians are Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, and have extensive hospital experience. There is more than 130 years of combined experience in this group.

Providing High-Quality Inpatient Medical Care
MIMS physicians are at the forefront of quality initiatives for Mercy Medical Center. Mercy participates in many quality initiatives set forth by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). Mercy Medical Center has been publicly reporting quality data for many years.

Your MIMS Physician is Only a Phone Call Away!
To speak with your MIMS physician, please ask your nurse to contact us. It is best to call between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For this and other questions about MIMS, please call us at 413-748-9321.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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