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MAGNETOM Espree Open Bore MRI
271 Carew Street, Springfield, MA 01104

A completely new MRI experience

Finally, one size fits all.
Open Bore MRI...more headroom, more legroom, more elbowroom.

Mercy Medical Center’s Diagnostic Imaging department has added MAGNETOM Espree, a completely new MRI experience, the new Open Bore MRI that accommodates everyone.

The MAGNETOM Espree’s extra-large opening means it can comfortably accommodate patients of all sizes and is perfect for those who get anxious or claustrophobic during an MRI or anyone who just likes more space. With one foot of spacious headroom, you’ll no longer feel like you’re nose-to-nose with the top of the magnet. And for many exams, your feet go in first and your head remains outside of the system. But most important of all, the power is three times greater than the conventional Open MRI and assures your doctor gets the most confident diagnosis. You’ll love it for the comfort, we love it for its power.


Your doctor has recommended an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) examination to determine possible illness. An MRI scan is simply an image of body tissues, created with a huge magnet and radio waves. No x-ray or other high-energy radiation is involved. Perhaps you have heard that these examinations – while safe and painless – are rather uncomfortable. This was true in the past. The patient was required to spend a long period of time in a long, dark, claustrophobic “tunnel” and was subjected to extremely loud noise.

In Mercy Medical Center’s Diagnostic Imaging department, all these negatives no longer exist. We now use the new Siemens’ MAGNETOM Espree, an extremely comfortable, quiet and fast, MRI scanner. Leading-edge technology puts amazing comfort into MRI exams. A pleasant experience for you and highest diagnostic confidence for your doctor.

After all, your health and comfort are our first priorities.


Comfort from every angle

Feet first and head out
You will notice at the first glance. With the new open design of the MAGNETOM Espree, anxiety and claustrophobia are passé. For virtually all exams, including lumbar spine scans, your feet go in first and your head remains outside of the magnet. You will constantly see the examination room and communicate whenever you wish throughout the short scan time. And, if you have problems lying flat, we will gladly provide a cushion for your head or for raising your knees. Designed with comfort in mind.

More headroom
Where a head-first exam becomes necessary, comfort remains the priority. You will have an open view and generous headroom with at least one foot of space above your nose. There’s also more elbowroom – the spacious diameter opening (over two feet) is especially designed for a more comfortable shoulder, chest or upper abdomen scan. This makes a crucial difference that you will notice and appreciate, especially if you are a large person. More space for you.

Friendly for everyone
The extra large-Open Bore design is flared, to give you a wide open view. Especially children and elderly feel safe and relaxed, having constant eye contact with those present. Even bodily contact during the scan is possible, for example, holding a child’s hand for comfort and assurance. Starting and finishing exams is as easy as lying down and getting up from your sofa at home because the table adjusts down to a comfortable 18 inches. Form meets function – accessibility, flexibility, comfort.

Last but not least
For some exams, special coils will be placed over a body part. The coils are ultra lightweight and you will barely notice them. A body coil weighs hardly more than a winter sweater. Significantly more comfortable, even if you are seriously ill or an extra large person. Thanks to the revolutionary TIM technology, uncomfortable repositioning is no longer required; head to toe exams can be done quickly in a single pass. Breath holding will be much shorter – or not necessary at all. Enjoy a quiet, short exam.

Brilliant images – highest diagnostic confidence

Your doctor may need MRI images to better determine if diseases exist in your body. The higher the image quality, the more accurate and dependable will be the doctor’s diagnosis, thus permitting us to help you better.

Experience the best combination of openness and power in MRI with the MAGNETOM Espree.

MRI Services Provided by Greater Springfield MRI, LP
at Mercy Medical Center

For more information regarding MAGNETOM Espree Open Bore MRI or to schedule an appointment, please call 413-739-0290.

Espree MRI Video Clip

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View the Espree MRI video.

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