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Family Stabilization Team, Community Support Program
1233 Main Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

Family Stabilization Clinicians provide innovative, homebased post-acute follow-up service designed to integrate the youth and stabilize the family. This service can also be used to prevent the need to enter higher levels of care.

Services offered by the Family Stabilization Team (FST) will be brief, intensive, solution-oriented and designed to meet the individual needs of the family. They include:

  • Skill Building behavior management and modification including communication/listening skills and I-Messages; home management skills including structure, routines, rules, nutrition and keeping appointments; decision making; advocacy; negotiation; anger management; coping techniques; and values clarification.

  • Education topics may include substance abuse; community resources; sexuality; sexually transmitted diseases; and suicide prevention.

  • Crisis Intervention 24-hour coverage available to de-escalate potentially harmful, out of control or violent situations.

  • Treatment Planning and Coordination goals and action plans developed jointly by the family and FST and coordinated by the FST in conjunction with other service providers.

  • Clinicians specializing in Family System Therapy parent/child communication; parenting strategies for various mental health child disorders; behavior modification strategies; teen alcoholism and substance abuse; and helping families through periods of transitions including loss and grief, divorce and relocation, etc.

  • Modeling positive parenting and communication; prevention strategies; respect for all living things; a love of life, self and others; structure and discipline, and laughter, humor and fun.

  • Parenting setting limits and boundaries; understanding child development and its relation to parental expectations; alternative forms of discipline; choices and consequences; exploration and expression of feelings.

  • Service Provider Coordination/Consultation FST Teams will schedule meetings with other professionals involved with families, to clarify roles of medical, mental health, school and social services, to facilitate communication between the family and service providers.

  • Service Referral and Linkages referrals to other clinicians, treatment groups, recreation and tutoring.

  • Helping Families Understand Family System Dynamics understanding of their own family structure, organization, roles and boundaries.


Children in need of greater in-home support than what can be offered through typical once-a-week outpatient therapy, to stabilize a child from escalating to a possible out-of-home placement (i.e. hospital, foster placement, residential placement).


Accepted from schools; therapists; pediatricians; community providers; also from families directly.

Community Support Program Services

These may include advocacy, coordination of treatment, outreach, assistance with basic needs, skill building and facilitating linkages with community and natural support systems. The program is available to provide outreach and wraparound services to children and adolescents. CSP is designed to be a short-term transitional service with the goal of assisting members and their families to locate the resources needed to live successfully within the community.

  • CSP is frequently a step-down service from FST if the goals from FST have not been completed.

  • CSP can accept direct referrals from the community if the child is not in a state of mental health crises, and the primary goal is case management of community services/programs.

  • Bilingual, Spanish speaking staff available.

For Further Information

For an appointment or more information, please call 413-539-2973.

Contact Information:

Maria H. Zygmont, Director
Phone: 413-539-2467

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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