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Admissions Process

The following requirements are necessary for a patient to qualify for treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation facility such as Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital:
  • Physician referral
  • Patient must require a combination of two or more therapies including physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech and language pathology
  • Patient must require 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care that cannot be provided in a less intensive setting
  • Patient is able to tolerate three or more hours of therapy, five out of seven days per week
  • Each patient is expected to exhibit significant progress within a reasonable amount of time
  • An established discharge plan is provided
Once a referral is made, the following will occur:
  • A rehabilitation liaison from Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine if the patient meets criteria for acute inpatient rehabilitation
  • Verification of insurance authorization
  • Availability of a bed
Preparing for admission to Weldon Rehabilitation Hospital and what to bring:
  • Personal items such as toiletries
  • Street clothes that allow for freedom of movement important for exercise. Elastic band pants and loose t-shirts, socks and supportive sneakers are recommended.
  • Pictures and personal belongings to assist patient coping with inpatient hospitalization
The staff at Weldon asks you to please leave all valuables at home. Weldon does not have a laundry facility, therefore we ask each patient’s family members to assist with laundering of clothes during inpatient stays. Also, we do not have a hairdresser or barber on site but we welcome independent hairdressers or barbers and this service must be coordinated into patient’s schedules.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

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